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About Us

What is amalan?

amalan is a social enterprise that helps borrowers who have difficulties making the payments on their loans. We develop a debt management program that takes into account ALL loans, ALL income and ALL assets to get the customer out of debt faster and paying less.

Where is amalan's office?

amalan has offices in Singapore, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur.

You can visit our Jakarta office on weekdays during office hours (7:00 to 20:00 WIB) to consult with our team.

We recommend bringing the latest available billing statements/account statements for all your loans when you visit us in our office.

What is amalan's phone number?


Due to high call volume in Indonesia, we ask you to  first submit some basic data about your case and we will then provide instructions on how to reach us.

If you already had your free consultation and have further questions, please contact your consultant directly using the contact details that we have sent you by email.

Singapore & Malaysia

Click here for the Singapore and Kuala Lumpur phone numbers. 

What is the best way to contact amalan?

For more information, you can contact us via the chat feature on our website or  via Whatsapp.

To consult with our team regarding your loan issues, please fill in your data on this link and our team will contact you soon. 

You can also contact us

Please visit our blog for information and tips on managing your finances.

You can also follow us on facebook, Instagram, twitter @amalan_id, Linkedin practice international Pte. Ltd, google+, or 


I want to visit amalan's office. What are the office hours?

If you want to consult further in our Jakarta office, please visit during office hours Monday - Friday from 07.00 to 20.00 WIB. 

I live outside Jakarta metropolitan area. Can amalan help?

We provide services for the majority of large banks throughout Indonesia, including: BNI, CIMB Niaga, Citibank, DBS / ANZ, HSBC, Mandiri, Standard Chartered, and many more.

For certain banks, if you are domiciled outside Jabodetabek, we need to physically meet their regional collection departments. Therefore, we would need to charge our full travel cost in addition to our success fee, which will only make sense for loan balances above Rp 200 million. 

How do I know that amalan is not a fraud? Is amalan regulated by OJK?

PT Amalan International Indonesia operates under license 955/1 / IU / PMA / 2016 from BPKM (Investment Coordinating Board).

amalan is also the only provider of debt management programs in Asia with accreditation from IAPDA (International Association of Professional Loan Arbitrates).

amalan is also a registered member of the Indonesian Fintech Association since April 2017, which is cooperating with OJK.

Is amalan a law firm?

amalan is not a law firm. 

We are Indonesia's leading, trusted and professional provider of debt management programs to reintegrate consumers into the financial system.

PT amalan international indonesia has a permanent operating license from BKPM (Investment Coordinating Board) in Indonesia and is the only company in Asia that is accredited by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators IAPDA.

amalan's process

I want to be helped. How to?

If you are interested in using our services, please fill in your data through the following link and our consultant team will contact you immediately to provide free consultations related to credit card loans, KTA (Unsecured Loans), KMG (Multipurpose Loans), or your mortgage.

What are the criteria or conditions that can be helped by practice?

Customers who can be assisted by the practice team are customers who:

  1. Have a credit card credit card, KTA (Unsecured Credit), KMG (Multipurpose Credit) or KPR with a minimum nominal of IDR 10 million in conventional banks.
  2. Willing to pay off at least a portion (10%) of the loans borne by the bank.
  1. Loans have been running for at least 12 months. Because in general, banks only allow to restructure loans with a minimum of time.
What are the programs or services provided by practice?

We provide several solution options for credit card loans or unsecured loans (KTA) and Multipurpose Credit (KMG). We will also try to help with your loan problems with online banks, home loans (KPR) and vehicles, if possible.

How much do I have to prepare?

For a fee, you can simply prepare the following:

  1. Advance for repayment / repayment to the Bank
  2. Deposit fee of Rp. 250,000, - per three months until the negotiation process is completed with the bank, and this deposit will reduce the service fee (Success Fee) in the future.
  3. The service fee (Success Fee) is around 25% -30% of the difference that we successfully negotiate for you depending on the type of program and the number of loan deductions you get (minus the quarter deposit that has been paid). If we fail in negotiating the relief program, we will not charge a service fee (success fee). But if we succeed, we only ask for 25% - 30% and you save 70% - 75%.
What is meant by saving my money / what do you mean by saving?

If you choose a settlement with the discount program, the savings you make will be obtained are a number of discounts offered by the bank. That is the difference between the amount that was originally charged and after following the discount program.

If you choose a fixed installment program, savings will come from your monthly installment difference from before and after entering the regular installment program.

What is meant by 'Success Fee'?

Service fees (success fees) will only be paid AFTER you agree with the results that have been practiced. The exact calculation will be slightly different for the completion of the discount program and the fixed installment program. But in general, we will only charge service fees if we succeed in reducing the amount of loans that must be paid to the bank. Do you want to know the calculation of service fees (success fees) for discount programs and fixed installments?

Why am I charged a service fee (success fee)?

The advantage of service fees (success fees) is that you will feel confident that we will try our best to produce the best value that you can save. Because the more costs you can save, the lighter will be the costs needed to complete your loan.

How is the service fee calculated for the discount program?

The service fee or Success Fee is a service fee for negotiation with the bank conducted by practice, which is about 25% of the loan discount that you get. You only need to pay a service fee ( Success fee ) after you agree to the settlement offer from the bank. If we are not successful in resolving your loan problem, our service fee ( success fee ) is 0.

There is an example of a service fee calculation (success fee) for the settlement program with deductions?

So, for example you have a credit card loan of Rp. 10 million, then after using the practice service, the bank gave a discount of Rp. 4 million so that the remaining loan was Rp. 6 million. So, the service fee is 25% of Rp. 4 Million, which is Rp. 1 Million that is paid after you agree with the results of the negotiations from the Bank. So you save more than IDR 3 million after deducting the service fee ( Success fee ), preparing all documents, negotiating, and of course payment according to time and destination account.

How is the calculation of service fees (success fees) for fixed installment programs?

If you want to choose to participate in a fixed installment program, you will be charged a slightly different service fee ( Success fee ), which is about 30% of your installment difference for the first 6 months.

There are examples of calculation of service fees (success fees) for settlement programs with fixed installments?

For example, if you have a current installment of Rp 3 million per month, then after negotiations with the bank, your installment becomes Rp 1 million / month. Then your service fee ( success fee ) is 30% of your installment difference where the difference is Rp. 2 million or around Rp. 600.00 for the first 6 months.

So you only have to pay Rp 1.6 million / month where you save Rp 1.4 million per month which can be allocated for other needs.

And it is advisable not to be late in making installment payments in the first 6 months, where if you make a late return, the bank will find it difficult to give the installment program back.

* Service fee ( Success fee ) will also be reduced by a deposit that has been paid during the negotiation period

What is the deposit fee?

The deposit fee is a fee of Rp250,000, - which is paid quarterly during the negotiation process. But you don't need to worry because this deposit will also be used as a deduction for service fees ( Success fee ) if the negotiation process is successfully agreed (within a certain period).

When is my negotiation process done?

After you are officially registered with the practice program, we will give you an estimate of the amount of funds needed for the first settlement of your loan. When you have set up funds, we will immediately negotiate with the bank.

Why is the loan amount of at least 10 million?

practice always looking for the best deals for its customers. Our experience says that for loans under 10 million, it would be more profitable for you to contact the lender directly. Because for under 10 million, the case will not be too complicated so you can negotiate privately with the bank.

Why can't I just negotiate with the bank?

For the remaining loans with a nominal value that is not too large (under Rp. 10 million), it does not matter to negotiate with the bank itself.

However, for a minimum nominal of IDR 10 million, especially with more than one loan, you will realize that working with practice is the most appropriate and fast way to deal with the complexity of the negotiation process and get the best results in reducing your loan burden.

In addition to getting the best deals, you can save your time and energy to do your daily activities. Although loan negotiations can be done privately, the process that needs to be passed is not easy. Document preparation and meetings with banks can be difficult especially when you are not familiar with the process.

Working together with practice also gives you access to refinancing with our partners in the form of bailouts to pay your current bills with interest and lighter installments. This offer will only be obtained if you use our services.

Terms & Conditions

Why can banks approve loan management programs offered by practice?

Because practice is a trusted loan management institution that strives for the best solution for banks and borrowers.

Collaboration with the bank is mostly due to the practice of helping customers who really want to pay off their loans but encounter obstacles to doing so. The Bank sees this as an opportunity to solve their customer's loan problems.

Can I apply for a loan to practice?

practice is not a bank or loan provider. However, if you have an old loan and feel your installments are too heavy, we can offer you new loans with interest and lighter installments from one of our partner parties to cover your old loan.

Will my name be bad in the eyes of BI?

Your credit report at BI will still indicate that you have a chance to pay your bill. But ideally, after 2-4 weeks after the payment of the bill, the practice will send you a Letter of Completion from the bank. You can use this letter as proof of credit repayment to help you apply for credit to the bank in the future. The majority of banks will accept the proposal because of the Existing Letter proving that your previous arrears have been paid.

Can practice help negotiate with online banks or institutions other than banks?

The majority of online credit services have high interest rates that cause your bills to swell in a short time.

If you have a bank loan / online lending institution AND have a credit card loan, KTA (Unsecured Credit) or KMG (Multipurpose Credit) in a conventional bank with a nominal value above Rp 10 million, practice can find a solution for both problems.>

If you only have loans from banks / online lending institutions, practice can help you get a better loan offer through our partners. You can pay off your old bills and continue to pay bills to our partners with lower interest rates and of course adjusted to your ability.

I have filled out the data, but have not been contacted.

If you have filled in your data during working hours (including your full name, e-mail address and telephone number), chances are we will contact you within 30 minutes. Check your e-mail inbox for e-mail from us. If you receive a complete data notification, immediately complete your data so we can contact you. If you receive our welcome mail , please click the 'call now' button if you want to contact us. Thank you, our patience is greatly appreciated.

I have waited for days, but I have not been contacted yet.

Sorry for the inconvenience, if you have filled in your data during working hours (including your full name, e-mail address, and telephone number), chances are we will contact you within 30 minutes. Check your e-mail inbox for e-mail from us. If you receive a notification for completeness of your personal data, immediately complete your data so that we can contact you. If you receive our welcome mail , please click the 'call now' button 02127899573 to contact us. Thank you, our patience is greatly appreciated.

I contact practice on holidays / weekends. Why there is no answer?

Sorry for the inconvenience, practice services are available on weekdays (Monday-Friday) with operating hours (07.00 - 21.00 WIB), outside service hours (weekends / national holidays), we will serve on the next nearest business day. Our patience is greatly appreciated.

Why is it difficult for me to get in touch with the practice?

Sorry for the inconvenience. It is likely that currently the practice is experiencing an increase in the number of customer consulting services, making it difficult to contact our consultants. Amalan continues to strive to improve the quality of the service system. You can also contact us via number 0855-74678940 or 021-27899573.

I have talked to the practice consultant, but the response is not pleasant.

We apologize for the inconvenience you experienced. Please inform the name and telephone number you use to connect with our consultant. All of our phone calls have been recorded and archived, We will review your calls with our consultants to ensure you get the best service from practice.

How does the practice help ease my loan bill?

All of our customers have different histories and situations. We strive to plan solutions tailored specifically for you. Our services include the process of negotiating outstanding bills, reducing interest rates / increasing repayment periods, and replacing expensive old credit with new, more affordable credit. If you provide complete information and data, it will make it easier for us to provide the best solution for your situation.

I was disturbed by Debt Collector. What should I do?

If you have become our customer on a loan management program, you can direct a phone call from a debt collector to Debt Collector Hotline practice at 021-27899553, where your debt collector will be informed about the status of your bill payment. If your debt collector does not perform procedures in accordance with applicable law, the practice will send your complaint throughthis link - and if after that it has not improved, the complaint will be continued to the FSA.

If you don't join a loan management program, you have to face your own debt collector. Click here for tips on dealing with debt collectors.

Why do I have to provide my data?

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we really need these data to determine the best solution to overcome your loan problems. The more complete your data, the more it helps us to facilitate the negotiation process and get the best results for you.

Is the data I provide safe?

You don't need to worry. The IT system has been equipped with a security system that meets the criteria for maintaining the confidentiality of your data. All your data has been encrypted when sent to us, and the data is stored on a server that has also been encrypted safely.

Why do I have to prepare several documents?

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we really need these documents as a requirement and proof for the bank in facilitating the negotiation process and getting the best results for you. Each bank usually has different document requirements, so that when you enter a practice program with several different loans, it is likely that we will ask you to prepare documents in a number that is not small.

I have a problem with loan sharks / family / online banks / multifinance companies / online credit services. Can you help?

We apologize for the inconvenience. The practice only serves loan negotiations with lending bodies registered with OJK. However, if you have problems with other borrowers, you can still apply to the loan consolidation program from one of our partners. Please check that you are qualified to join the program at this link.

My loan bill has not been delinquent, but I want to negotiate so that the monthly bills / interest charged is smaller.

We understand your desire to get relief from the bank. And keep in mind that the bank will prioritize waivers to borrowers who have experienced payment difficulties. One way to reduce your monthly billing costs without being exposed to blacklists is to consolidate / refinancing your loans with a loan consolidation program from one of our partners. Please check that you are qualified to join the program at this link.

What about mortgage (mortgage), can you help?

If your mortgage loan has not been in arrears and you want to reduce your monthly billing fee, one of our partners can help you to move to a new home installment program with lower interest / longer installment period.

When your mortgage loan has been overdue, we can help you.

What about car payments, can you help?

If you are already a customer of practice with other loan problems, we can help you to change the credit structure with your lender or help you sell your car through a partner. We buy my car to pay off your car loan bill.

If you only have a car loan, you can contact your lender directly and request credit restructuring or sell your car through a partner. We buy my car to pay off your car loan bill.

What about pawnshops, can you help?

the practice has not negotiated with the Pegadaian and has not worked together to handle the redemption of mortgaged goods. I apologize for this inconvenience.

I was actually able to pay my debt bills, but wanted to get a cut to be more economical

The loan management program from practice will produce maximum savings, but only for people who really cannot pay their monthly installments to the lending bank.

However, if you provide us with the appropriate data and information we need regarding your loan, we can offer you a loan consolidation program with one of our exclusive partners. This will reduce your interest and monthly installments without having to experience delays in payment, without the need to deal with debt collectors and the risk of being blacklisted by Bank Indonesia.

Why is the deposit fee per 3 months? (quarterly fees)

This quarterly fees system is implemented to ensure you have a commitment to solve your loan problems. Later if your loan is successfully negotiated, this deposit can reduce the service fee directly (success fee). In most cases our customers, many feel helped for payment of service fees (success fees) because of this deposit payment.

Can the practice help company loans?

practice helps many business owners who have credit card loans, KTA and KMG (Multipurpose Credit) in financing their companies. This is only valid where the borrower is a business owner as an individual. We do not recommend loans where borrowers are on behalf of the company.