What is amalan?

amalan is the first technology-based professional services company in Indonesia that provides debt management programs.


Q: What kind of debt management program does amalan provide?

A: Our program negotiates existing bank debt conditions to reach the amount of payments that match the ability of the borrower, in order to increase revenue and reduce expenditure.

Q: How can I use amalan’s service?

A: You can contact us by filling in the data through the form provided. Next, we will ask you to complete the required data and documents. The data you provide will be used to create Power of Attorney, as well as the Service Agreement Letter. The documents will be given to the bank to complete the negotiation process.

Q: I have a loan with a home certificate guarantee. Can amalan help me?

A: Sorry. For now we cannot help.

Q: I am an entrepreneur who needs venture capital to grow my business. Can amalan help me?

A: Sorry. amalan is not the company that provides the loan. We provide debt relief management services to help relieve your debt.

Q: Is amalan reliable?

A: You can visit our office if you need more information. In addition, you can also check the team profile of amalan through the official website and follow the latest news through the Facebook page.

Q: How much do I pay for the deposit?

A: Right now, we charge a deposit of Rp250.000, which is paid quarterly. Deposit money will be returned if the negotiation is not successful within a certain period of time (note: the time period will be determined later).

Q: How long does it take to negotiate?

A: After the Power of Attorney and Letter of Service Cooperation Agreement documents are signed, amalan will directly contact the bank. Generally, within a period of 1 week, there is feedback from the bank.

Q: What options does the bank offer as a repayment solution?

A: There are 3 choices of repayment solutions, which include cuts, fixed installments per month, and a combination of cuts and installments.

Q: What difference will it make if I use amalan’s service?

A: The team of amalan has a good relationship with the banks, so the process of negotiation with the Bank can be done with more leverage. In addition, you can transfer the entire negotiation process to amalan, so that you can focus more on other activities.

Q: How is negotiation work done?

A: We will negotiate with the bank based on the Power of Attorney you provided. Once the results of the negotiations have been generated, you have the power to either approve or disapprove.

Q: I need a loan. Can amalan help me?

A: Sorry. Amalan is not the company that provides the loan. We provide debt relief management services to help relieve your debt.

Q: I have loan with loan shark / individual. Can amalan help me?

A: Sorry. As of right now, we are only focused on handling debt cases with the bank.

Q: How can I trust amalan?

A: We provide a 100% risk-free guarantee. The deposit is Rp250.000, which will be refunded if the negotiations we did with the bank do not succeed. Also, our business has obtained authorization and validation from BKPM. This information can be found on our official site.

Q: Can my name be cleared from BI checking?

A: Your name will be clean after making the repayment. You will get a Bank Debit from the bank, even with a note from Bank Indonesia that your outstanding debt is settled with a discount or withdrawal of reschedule time.

Q: What do I do if the Bank Officer always calls and charges me?

A: You can tell them that your account has been handled by amalan. Inform them of our phone number. If during that time the collection agency keeps contacting you, please ignore it.

Q: I have debts with a finance company. Can amalan help me?

A: Sorry. For right now, we are only focused on handling cases with the bank only.

How much discount can the bank give to my debt?

The amount of the deduction depends on the decision of the bank and the condition of your debt. We will try to deduct as much as possible, since the bigger the deductions we get, the greater the cost of the services we will receive.