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The Debt We Handle

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Currently, we can help handle your Credit Card and KTA issues, with total debt in all banks worth at least Rp 10.0000.000 (ten million rupiah).

amalan’s Solution

Direct cuts: amalan will negotiate for the bank to deduct your total debt.
Repayment by installment: amalan will negotiate with the bank so that you can repay the debt every month with lower interest.
Combination between deductions and installments: most of our clients have more than one credit card and / or KTA. Amalan will help you to get a discount, and complete the remaining debt with monthly installments, so that you can maximize your savings.


3 Simple Steps to Your Beginning

1. Contact us through the form provided.
2. Complete the necessary documents so that we can prepare your case files to be strong and relevant, which will serve as supporting evidence in the negotiation process with the bank.
3. Pay debts that have been deducted, in accordance with the agreement with the bank.

Why amalan

The team will lead you from the beginning of the process until you successfully get the Lunas Certificate from the bank.

We do not give false promises. We promise to find the best way out and to quickly pay off your credit card debt and KTA debt / credit card arrears and your KTA arrears.

At the time of registration, we only ask you to pay the low deposit amount, which can be refunded completely if the negotiation process is not successful. Moreover, you only pay amalan if the negotiation process with the bank succeeds.