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All testimonials that appear in this page are obtained directly and distributed according to the approval of the customer of PT amalan international indonesia.

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Testimonial for amalan - Dame S

Dame S. - Depok


Amalan did not ask for a success fee at the start, but the success fee was paid after the negotiations were completed. This certainly helped me a lot. Amalan is unlike other negotiating services that call for large success fees in the beginning.

Testimonials for Amalan - Hillary W

Hillary W. - Tangerang


All my problems are solved systematically with a win-win solution. Everything went very quickly and comfortably. I also kept my privacy.

Testimonial for Amalan - Retno A

Retno A. - Tangerang


Alhamdulillah. PT amalan is very helpful to be able to reschedule my installment with a value per month that exceeds my expectation.

Testimonial for Amalan- Sisca S

Sisca S. - Bogor


Alhamdulillah - thanks Amalan. I will be free from debt soon. Amalan, the solution to live debt-free!

Testimonial for Amalan - Yahya P

Yahya P. - Surabaya


I finally found a successful credit card negotiation service. At first I was hesitant because I had experienced scenarios that resulted in losses on my side. However, in a relatively short time, Amalan finalized 2 cases with optimum savings. The staff communicated well from start to finish, so I was satisfied with the service provided.

Testimonial for Amalan- Sri W G

Sri W. G. - Pademangan


PT Amalan International Indonesia helped me a lot in settling the negotiations with the bank. Negotiations can work well in the end.

Testimonial for Amalan - Andika

Andika - Bekasi


My rescheduling was operated to my enjoyment. Thanks to the team for their help and cooperation.