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Internship at amalan

amalan has many exciting projects in the pipeline that would provide a great learning experience during an intensive internship program of at least 6 weeks. All positions are full time positions with flexible working hours (average of at least 35 hours per week). 

Not only making photocopies!

Not only making photocopies!

This is a real opportunity for you to play an important role as a full member of our team, working on a real project that matters. We will not ask you to spend your time making photo copies or filing piles of paper or getting coffee at Starbucks.  However, we do expect you to do your best every day, which is what you can expect from us as well.

Language fluency in bahasa Indonesia and English is required as most communications with customers are done in Bahasa but all internal documents are prepared in English. 

Current Internship Openings

Systems Developer Intern - Indonesia
If you are 4th-8th semester Computer Science or Information System student looking for a new dynamic and good environment to develop your career, take this opportunity by sending your CV to linny@amalan.com, please use English.
Designer Intern - Indonesia

This opportunity is open if you have a great talent in digital design. Send your CV to fadhli@amalan.complease use English.

Campaign Management Intern - Indonesia

You will have a great opportunity to learn how to create and run creative campaigns directly from our Head of Marketing. Send your CV to fadhli@amalan.complease use English.

Copy Writer Intern - Indonesia & Malaysia
Keen on learning how to develop attracting copies? Send your CV to fadhli@amalan.complease use English.
Video Editor Intern - Indonesia

Having passion in video editing? Let's build a good storyline for amalan. Send your CV to fadhli@amalan.complease use English.

amalan Internship Stories

"At amalan, it was cool to do well, and it was equally as cool to encourage your colleagues to do well. A nurturing environment replete with warmth and support, amalan is different from every other company I had ever interned in." - Natasia Nabila (2017)

"I met my colleagues, who were very interested in asking about life in America and why I wanted to intern abroad. They offered to help me with transportation advice and recommended that I use the motorcycle taxi instead of a car." - Alan Wang (2018)

"For the first time ever, I was thrilled for an internship. It wasn’t a chore, but a choice. A choice that I made on my own, and that I am proud of. I don’t think a lot of things are a big deal, but believe me, amalan is." - Natasia Nabila (2017)