New Record - Debt Delinquent for 9 Years Completed in 2 Days Only!

Some time ago, the practice of negotiating debts belonging to Pak Andreas (not his real name) who had just registered as a client had practiced two days before. The debt that Pak Andreas has had has been in arrears for 9 years with a nominal value of Rp.65,000,000, with several large banks in Indonesia. After negotiating with the bank, we managed to get a discount of nearly 90%, so Pak Andreas only needed to pay one time only Rp. 7,000,000 to immediately pay off all outstanding debts.

Today, we are very happy to send Mr. Lunas Letter to Mr. Andreas, this letter certainly proves that Mr. Andreas managed to pay off all debts until paid off! In practice, we are proud to have the best debt management and technology consultants in Indonesia, so that we can help clients to be free of debt, with the greatest possible relief.