Practice Helping to Overcome Unpaid Debt Years with Discounts of 84.5%

Denny (not his real name) is a successful businessman in a big city in Indonesia. Even so, Denny also still has debt problems that must be in arrears. Debt worth Rp.68,000,000, - was successfully settled immediately after the practice succeeded in helping Denny to get a discount of 84.5%, so Denny only needed to pay Rp. 10,500,000, - only, to pay off all outstanding debts.

The problem experienced by Denny arose due to the rapid movement of the business, which made him unable to monitor the smooth running of his credit. Until some time ago, Denny realized that there were still debts owed for a dozen years. We can learn that it is important to always regularly check debtor information (iDebt) in SLIK OJK, so that there are no bad records in your credit history.