49% Installments Are Lighter with the CardCutter Program Practice

In the month of June 2018, the practice succeeded in associating Ferdi's debt (not his real name) who contacted us in April 2018. Ferdi has 3 credit cards from 3 different banks. At that time, Ferdi's loan repayment condition was still stable with the bill not yet in arrears, with an accumulative monthly installment of Rp2,350,000 on average.

However, Ferdi wanted to close his credit card debt for two reasons. Firstly, Ferdi felt that while using a credit card, he would constantly have endless bills. Secondly, Ferdi wanted to start avoiding paying off credit at a high interest rate, then Ferdi chose to cooperate with practice because he wanted to immediately complete credit card loans which he owned.

Finally, Ferdi followed the latest program of practice, CardCutter, with a total repayment of Rp22,000,000.

CardCutter is a program that allows clients to practice consolidating several credit card / KTA debts, in other words, being replaced by one new debt. This program is a collaborative program between practice and KoinWorks, a well-known peer to peer lending company in Indonesia.

After participating in the CardCutter program, Ferdi received a 2-year tenor with a monthly bill of Rp1,200,000 (including interest at 1% per month). Not only did he succeed in closing 3 credit card debts, Ferdi also managed to get repayments with a lot of interest and fewer bills.

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