Practice Helps Overcome Debt of Hundreds of Million of Rupiah due to Identity Forgery

Steven (not his real name) is one of the clients who have just been freed from debt arrears that touched around 370 million Rupiah. After being negotiated, the practice managed to get a discount of up to 96.5% so Steven only needed to pay Rp. 12,800,000.

This happened as a result of being a victim of identity forgery, resulting in the submission of several credit cards on behalf of clients and delinquent bills for up to a dozen years. This problem is known after Steven checked his data in SLIK OJK, as a result of his loan application was rejected by the bank recently. On the advice of the bank, Steven asked for help in the practice to help resolve the arrears problem in his name.

From this case, we can learn to always maintain a well-owned identity, so as not to be used for bad things by parties who are not responsible.