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Let us reduce your debt burden.

Do you feel the pressure of mounting debt? Do you find it difficult to make your payments for credit cards, personal loans and mortgages in Indonesia? Then let us help you.

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49% lower monthly payment with CardCutter loan consolidation.

Thanks to amalan's CardCutter program, Pak Ferdi (not his real name) reduced his monthly payments by 49% lower monthly after he used his new CardCutter loan to to pay off three old loans.

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amalan works with all major Indonesian banks

Let us reduce your debt burden when ...

Group 539

... your loans are overdue. You would like to pay the debt collectors but cannot afford it.

Group 531

... you can still make the loan payments, but it is getting more and more difficult to do so.

Group 389

... you feel that your monthly mortgage payments are too high.

Why choose amalan?

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IAPDA accredited

We are the only IAPDA accredited company in Asia and always put the interest of our customers first.

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Free Consultation

Free consultation with experienced, professional and friendly consultants.

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Easy process
We use the latest technology to create an easy process for our customers.

Success Stories

Steven's (not his real name) identity was stolen and he ended up with Rp 370 million debt. With amalan's help he settled all of this debt for just Rp 13 million (a 97% discount). 

Andi started his business with all of his savings and a Rp 50 million personal loan. After a fire, his income was too low for his monthly installments.
amalan made Andi's installments affordable by reducing interest and stretching the tenor. 

For 9 years, Andreas had overdue loans with several banks. He wanted to pay but did not  have enough money. 
amalan was able to settle his debt at a 90% discount in just 2 days after he signed up for our debt management program.


Our achievements

> 1500

settlements across all
major banks in Indonesia

> 35

billion rupiah of debt settled

> 10

billion rupiah discounts negotiated