Arne Hartmann - CEO

Arne has more than a decade of experience as a growth investor at General Atlantic and Merrill Lynch Global Private Equity. During that time, he invested $3.5 billion and became familiar with numerous business models across a variety of sectors in Europe and Asia. 

A frequent traveler across Southeast Asia for many years, Arne has developed a passion for the people and cultures of the region and its opportunities for entrepreneurs. He has lived and worked across four continents and spent more than 15 years outside his native Germany. 

He has earned Master’s degrees from Stanford Graduate School of Business and from ESCP Europe (Oxford-Madrid-Paris). Arne believes in the importance of intercultural exchange and entrepreneurship and played an integral part in building JADE Europe, Europe’s largest organization to promote entrepreneurship among university students. He has also had leading roles and continues to support AFS Intercultural Programs, an organization that has sent over 400,000 students to study abroad.