Working at amalan.

If you like a start-up working environment that gives you spaces to grow, a true problem solver, and interested in a business that brings a positive social impact, amalan is the right place for you.


Sophisticated office location.

Our Jakarta office is located at a highly modern, yet environmental-friendly district with 80% open space. South Quarter offers an environment that inspires you to a greater level of performance.

Interns are welcome.

At amalan, we are committed to providing an internship program which aims to give students a chance to experience a real working environment and as equal to other employees. Hence, if you are an undergraduate or college students who wish to have that experience and immerse in a dynamic working situation, amalan is the right place for you. 



Current Openings

Customer Solutions Consultant - Indonesia

As CUSTOMER SOLUTIONS CONSULTANT, you will represent amalan’s values – professionalism, customer focus and integrity. As member of our team, you will enjoy a start-up environment with a flat hierarchy. We give you space to develop yourself professionally and to apply your creativity.

Salesforce Web Developer - Indonesia

As SALESFORCE/WEB DEVELOPER you will be responsible for development, its integration with our android app, Hubspot,, and other cloud-based systems. You will also need to coordinate and supervise external consultants to develop and implement more complex solutions.

Systems Developer - Indonesia

We are looking for a unique hybrid skill set of SYSTEMS DEVELOPER talent to support the implementation and its integration with other internal systems. This position is open for suitable full-time candidates.

Negotiator/Mediations - Malaysia

As NEGOTIATOR/MEDIATIONS you will contribute establish good communication and negotiation process of our customers' debt problem to the banks.

Helpdesk Engineer - Indonesia

We are looking for a unique hybrid skill set of HELPDESK ENGINEER. This position is suitable for fresh graduate/entry level/waiting for graduation from Computer Science/Information Systems/Computer Systems who will be able to work for full time position.